Mothers Wear the (Wedding) Pants

January 03, 2023
Mothers Wear the (Wedding) Pants

My daughter's wedding is going to be dressy, can I get away with wearing pants?

Heck yes! You’re not playing the role of mother of the bride. You are the mother of the bride, and you should look and feel like yourself. Consider a dramatic wide leg jumpsuit—like the one by Kay Unger pictured here on mother of the groom Jackie. Kay Unger is one of our go-tos for jumpsuits that almost look like dresses from some angles, but with the comfort of pants, and they're available in a wide array of colors and prints. Amasle is another good place to start, with dressy jumpsuits modeled after some of its popular dress styles and available in regular and plus sizes.

Check out some of our current favorite suit and jumpsuit looks.


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