The Internet Weighed In On This MOG Dress, And It Was Wrong

April 06, 2024
The Internet Weighed In On This MOG Dress, And It Was Wrong

Tami Walsh has built a following on Instagram for her DIY home and lifestyle posts—a little bit Southern charm; a whole lot of sass and humor. Her bio reads: "just a fun girl who's 50ish...sometimes snarky...fired substitute teacher." So with her son's wedding coming up in August, it seemed natural that Tami would share her mother of the groom dress search with her audience.

She recorded herself at home in Atlanta modeling three navy dresses, and posted the Reel "just for fun," she tells us. The response was swift, large, and surprisingly aggressive.



"Keep looking," one person commented. 

"You are the mother. Why the slit up to your? Them glory days are over pass the torch to the bride you had yours. Try for class," said another. 

"I feel like you are trying to upstage the bride will all of those dresses."

In NAVY?! Let's pause here for a second to clear up a few style points:

1. The very idea of a mom upstaging the bride is silly. The bride is the bride and a mom doesn't need to fade into the background for her to shine.

2. Navy. These dresses are navy, and no one is going to confuse this mom for the bride.

3. Strapless does not make a dress too revealing, especially when it's a formal ballgown like the one Tami was wearing. Perfectly appropriate. 

Option 2: One shoulder A-line by Alfred Sung. Buy from Nordstrom.


To be fair, there were plenty of complimentary and encouraging comments on Tami's Instagram feed, too. And more than one who noted: "I am absolutely floored by the ignorant look amazing. All I can stay is that jealousy is ugly." 


Tami look the negativity in stride, and even had a bit of fun with it, dubbing the drama "Rufflegate" and posting herself walking in her favorite of the three navy gown to the tune of a folksy remake of "Baby Got Back." That drew another round of critiques, like, "Not very appropriate. Sorry." 

Tami's top pick was an ML Monique Lhuillier A-line floral jacquard ballgown with a cascade ruffle down the front and a slit that shows just a hint of leg when you move in the full skirt. Tasteful. Elegant. And fits Tami so well. 

But the haters got into her head.

Option 3: Basix ruffle gown. Buy from Saks Fifth Avenue.


"What I did find helpful was everyone saying why they didn't like the third dress (by Basix). I felt like it looked so much cuter on and in person, but the responses helped me realize that the people only seeing it in pictures are seeing what will live on forever in a photo album and I discounted it immediately. I still love that dress, but I sent it back."

Option 1: ML Monique Lhuillier floral jacquard ballgown. Buy from Saks Fifth Avenue.

She decided on the first dress—the strapless ML Monique Lhuillier, but now she's having second thoughts about strapless as well, and the slit. "So I'd say I've still got one eye open." 

She's got plenty of time, and the body to pull off many styles, but we say stay strong, Tami! You look lovely in strapless!  


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I love option 1 on you! You can stop with the second guessing.

Lynne Kuldell

Stick to what makes you feel great !! Screw the haters .. they’re just jealous they wouldn’t look as great as you!


My vote is strapless! Elegant yet fun!

Janet Niblock

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