Is White Totally Off Limits for Wedding Guests?

June 13, 2023
Is White Totally Off Limits for Wedding Guests?

In a time when just about anything goes, weddings tend to bring out the rule follower in most of us. Not wearing white, unless you’re the bride, is probably the one guests adhere to the most emphatically. But what about at other wedding weekend events—the rehearsal dinner, or brunch? Joy, a Mother Of reader who is planning outfits for a wedding weekend that includes several different events, asks:

Can I wear white to a wedding event other than the wedding itself?

We took the question to all of you. In an Instagram poll, we asked if it’s okay to wear white to wedding weekend events outside of the ceremony and reception and your answer? A resounding NO. Nearly 400 people weighed in and of them, 86% said no to guests wearing white to any wedding related event. Just 14% said it was okay.

It’s a bummer too, because we’re seeing so many adorable white sundresses this summer. You could always wear one of these after bidding the newlyweds farewell?

Rhode Claude Dress

We first spotted this insanely fantastic maxi with puffed sleeves and a heart-shaped eyelet design that manages to be more cool than sappy at Minneapolis boutique Requisite. Go there, if you're in the Twin Cities! Otherwise, you can buy from Rhode. $575

Anthropologie Catalina Button Front Dress

A dress sure to make you feel pretty, with its deep v-neck and accentuated waist. It comes in a full range of sizes including plus and petite. Buy from Anthropologie. $160

Line & Dot Maxi

A pretty little spaghetti strap eyelet maxi with ruffled trim that looks sophisticated enough to wear just about anyplace this summer....other than a wedding! Buy from Bloomingdale's. $175.

Mother Of independently curates the dresses we recommend. When users buy through our links, we may earn a commission.


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I understand not wearing white to the wedding, but honestly, it’s spring – wear white to lunch, brunch, parties. In a world where everyone wants to relax tradition, and make their own rules, I don’t know why this persists.


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