Love Letters to Mom

May 13, 2023
Love Letters to Mom

"My mom is the most brilliant, selfless, genuine, gracious person I know. She never hesitates to take time to celebrate or serve those around her. She’s taught me how to be strong and independent but also how to be selfless and thoughtful in a marriage. I wouldn’t be the woman, wife or daughter that I am today without her.” — Ashlyn, daughter of Lori

"My mom is always, always thinking about others—how they’re doing, whether they’ve eaten, what they need. In many ways she was born to be a caregiver because she has so much care to give. In the lead up to my wedding, she was constantly asking how she could help make our lives easier, which we loved and appreciated - but one of the best parts of my wedding day was seeing her relax and allow herself to enjoy the celebration, leaving the day-of logistics to our amazing vendors. Being a mom myself, I now understand how hard it can be to turn off the impulse to take care of everyone around you, and it was so lovely to see my mom embrace the moment. — Erin, daughter of Peggy

“My mom’s always had a way of connecting with people, no matter where she is — it’s her superpower. One example that sticks with me is from when I was in high school: I joined her in New York for one of her business trips. We stayed in a boutique hotel on the Upper West Side and wandered the city in between her meetings. She made friends instantly with cab drivers, doormen, the lady in the handbag department at Barney’s. More than a decade later, when I moved to the UK (where I’d eventually get married), it was my own moments of connection that made a big, bustling city feel something like home. I’m so grateful to my mom for showing me that.” — Allison, daughter of Mich

"My sweet mom has always done so much for me, and I wanted to take on as much of the wedding planning as I could. Once we finalized the big wedding things (location, venue, photographer), I took on all of the little details to make the day fun for my guests - my parents included! I loved watching my mom enjoy the day as much as I did. She was so beautiful, smiled the whole night and danced her heart out. I will always have a memory of her radiating on my wedding day!" — Alana, daughter of Lynn

“A lot of people say that weddings bring out the worst in people, but I can say that with my mom, it brought out her best. She has a really good eye and great taste, and she put a lot of work into making sure that no detail was missed. It's a shame that she only has two kids and they're both married, because I really think she'd be successful with helping coordinate events! I am very blessed that my mom was supportive (actually, she was enthusiastic) about decisions surrounding the wedding. The process of planning the wedding brought us closer together.” — Bella, daughter of Cathy


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