Martha Stewart Goes Thigh High

October 25, 2023
Martha Stewart Goes Thigh High

Martha Stewart put her best leg forward at a recent New York City gala, wearing a shimmering silver Andy Chia Yu dress. The puffed, elbow-length sleeves and the loosely looped necktie were so chic, but it was the thigh high slit that got the internet fired up and had us asking: is a thigh high slit appropriate for a mother of the bride or groom dress?



 Thigh High for Mother of the Bride? 

Go for it!: 39%
Bad taste: 61%


In a Mother Of Instagram poll, 61% of respondents said a thigh high slit is "bad taste" for the mother of the bride or groom. The other 39% said, "Go for it!" Still others opted out of the yes or no survey and sent comments, like "How can anyone judge? Go for it, Martha, you look amazing!" 

We completely agree that Martha is killing it in this dress. What works so well about this look is the balance of high neckline, full sleeve with that sexy slit. The contrast is playful. And if you've got it, we say, you're never too old to flaunt it. 

Your son or daughter's wedding may be one of the few occasions where you want to downplay the full-on sexy statement. More class; less sass. Note: we did NOT say frumpy. But showing skin can be done in many different ways: strapless or off-the-shoulder feels right for mother of the bride/groom while too much thigh could feel a bit off.

We're talking mere inches here. Even covering an inch or two more than what Martha's showing off makes a difference. Here are a few current front slit dresses that could work for mother of the bride or groom. What do you think? 

Eliza J

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Mac Duggal 

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Mac Duggal

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La Femme 

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