The Ups and Downs of Mother of the Bride Hairstyles

The Ups and Downs of Mother of the Bride Hairstyles

We recently featured Lanae's three looks as mother of the bride or groom. A reader, noting that she switched up her hairstyles as well as dresses, asked how best for moms with longer hair to decide on a wedding day style? We took the question to celebrity hairstylist Anthony Sorenson, who isn't much of a name-dropper so we'll do it for him: Martha Stewart!!! 

Anthony offers this advice: 

  • If your dress is fancy (embellished), keep your hair simple. "If too much is going on both in the dress and the hair, it can look too busy." Likewise, a more understated dress invites a more intricate hairdo. 

  • Follow the lines of the dress: low back goes with hair down; high collar often looks better with an up do to show off the dress. 

  • Asymmetrical, one shoulder necklines call for an up do. "You don't want to hide the bare shoulder," says Anthony. 

  • Finally, check the weather! Dress style isn't the only factor to consider, Anthony warns. "Doing your hair up and secure will guarantee a great look all day—even in the rain!"
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