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Answers to frequently asked Mother Of style questions.

Help! My mom wants to wear white to my wedding!

While we are proponents of giving the moms some latitude to wear what works best for them, solid white worn by anyone other than the bride is pretty big no-no. (White and black together can be a totally different story). Try (calmly) explaining to your mom that it's really important to you to be the only one in white on your wedding day and offer to shop with her to find some alternatives.

Does a mother of the bride dress need to be floor length?

Definitely not! While we tend to associate black tie occasions with long gowns, it's not a rule. Tea length or midi length are good options.

As the mother of the groom, do I need to defer to the mother of the bride on my dress choice?

No. You are equally important and have every right to pick the dress that makes you feel fantastic! Beyond coordinating with any color requests from the wedding couple and striking the right degree of dressiness for the occasion, you do you. 

Do the moms need to match the wedding colors?

We prefer complement to match. Meaning, if the bridesmaids are in hot pink, Mom could go for something more muted, or possibly patterned, or even a metallic gray. Be thoughtful about not sucking all the attention in the group photos, but you are the mom, gosh darn it! You get more leeway than bridesmaids.

My daughter's wedding is going to be dressy. Can I get away with wearing pants?

Hell yes! You’re not playing the role of mother of the bride. You are the mother of the bride, and you should look and feel like yourself. Consider a dramatic wide leg pant, or perhaps something sequined or metallic to really step it up. The pantsuit has come a long way and can be a really modern, sophisticated choice, but think beyond jackets, too—a lacey blouse, for example.

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