Grandma of the Bride: Chic Jackets

January 13, 2024
Grandma of the Bride: Chic Jackets

Google “Grandma of the bride” and you’ll get knee-length sheaths with long matching silk jackets. Some of them are pretty enough, but this look isn’t for everyone, and it definitely didn’t appeal to chic grandma, Geraldine, whose granddaughter, Cecilia, got married in August 2023 at the Basilica of Saint Mary in Minneapolis.

“I’m short, and it’s difficult to find dresses in petite sizes that seem fashionable and elegant that flatter my ‘grandma’ figure,” Geraldine says. She understands the appeal of a jacket: “I no longer have the svelte figure of my youth and a jacket hides a ‘multitude of sins,’ as the saying goes,” she quips. But those matching sets just aren’t her style.

Bride and family outdoors

Geraldine found a shimmery navy and turquoise Joseph Ribkoff jacket. Collarless and buttoned so that it could be worn without a top underneath, the jacket flared slightly for a comfortable waist-length fit. She paired it with dressy navy chiffon pants and navy sling-backs.

“Trousers seem acceptable today, even for dressy occasions,” Geraldine says. “Both of the groom’s grandmothers also wore pants. We were quite a trio!”

Those navy trousers will see another special occasion: Geraldine’s grandson is getting married in Columbus, Ohio in June. She’s pairing them with another Joseph Ribkoff jacket—bright pink, this time—and she swapped the jacket’s single button for a pin her daughter (the mother of the groom) gave her years ago. “Kind of fun, I think!”

Get the look: 


Chico's jacket

Embroidered and shimmery for a dressy look. Sizes 0 to 22. $169. Buy from Chico’s

Joseph Ribkoff 

Asymmetrical and flared cut, like Geraldines. In Navy and white. Sizes 10-20. $215. Buy from THY Boutique

Draper & Damon's

Draper's & Damon's jacket

The "Chateau Chic" jacket comes in petites and plus sizes. The shantung jacquard print fabric is actually machine washable. Also comees in emerald green. Sizes S-3X. $129.99. Buy from Draper's & Damon's.

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YEP – perfect! I love each piece Geraldine chose for her look, from her feet to her earrings and eyeglasses! Classy and elegant; looking festive without “taking away” from the MOB or MOG. Her lovely white hair and skin tone POP against the deep blue and turquoise of the jacket. (Doesn’t hurt that her hair cut is so chic and her makeup lovely.) I love that the trousers are CHIFFON – so soft and flow-y, and a good pairing with the dramatic cut of the jacket. Her whole look is stunning – she nailed it.

Becky Johnson

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