Lisa P.: A Caped Confidence Booster

Lisa P.: A Caped Confidence Booster

Mother of: Nate
Venue: Magnolia Venue & Urban Garden in Kansas City
Vibe: Downtown chic
Dress: Mac Duggal

Lisa describes herself as a modern woman who knows who she is, and she wanted that to show for her son Nate’s November wedding to Madi.

She didn’t seek out a black dress—the bride and groom were open on color—but when she came across a one shoulder, cape sleeve black Mac Duggal dress with asymmetrical hemline, she loved the silhouette and ordered it in two sizes. “I think even then I knew it was the frontrunner,” Lisa says. “And the smaller one fit. Always a win.”

When she started browsing online, Lisa had wondered if the one shoulder look was too common now. But she put that concern aside when she tried it on.

Groom and mom walk wedding aisle

“The shape of this dress was so unique that I didn't worry about it at all. I also thought it was flattering to my hard-to-flatter figure,” says Lisa, who is 5’’1 and describes herself as apple shaped, with a waist not much smaller than her hips.

“The second I saw myself in my full-length mirror, I gasped,” Lisa says. “The dress made me feel better than I could have hoped to feel on this important occasion, like a better, elevated version of ME. I couldn’t believe how comfortable I felt with the one-shoulder look!

Knowing the asymmetrical hemline would leave one leg exposed, Lisa chose strappy rhinestone heels that mirrored the crystal detailing on the dress sleeve.

mother of the groom and friends

Another confidence booster: the time Lisa spent watching special-occasion makeup tutorials on YouTube. “I wasn’t going to have a pro makeup artist for this event, but wanted to look good in photos,” Lisa says. “I specifically sought out MOB/MOG makeup advice focused on those of us in our ‘50s and beyond. It was so easy to do that I practiced only once, but it made a huge difference in my confidence!”

The wedding took place in downtown Kansas City at Magnolia Venue, known for its urban garden, which is nearly as large as the indoors open space with Art Deco chandeliers and floor-to-ceiling windows. Lisa walked down the aisle on the groom’s arm. “Nate gives the best hugs, and I got the best one ever when we got to the front row.” Seeing her son tear up when Madi walked down the aisle, Lisa says, was priceless.

“Madi brings out the very genuine, authentic, child-like grin and giddiness that Nate had as a very young boy. Never was this clearer than at the wedding! They set out to throw THE happiest wedding anyone had ever been to, and it was.”

| Photography by West Rose Photo & Film

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