Conni G.: Peachy Keen

Conni G.: Peachy Keen

Mother of: Anna
Wedding venue: The Neu Neu in Minneapolis
Vibe: Urban eclectic
Dress: Veiled Collection

“When Anna and Pat decided, after more than a decade of dating, to get married,I didn’t know exactly what to expect from their wedding,” says Conni, mother of the bride. “But knowing Anna, I knew it would be a bright and colorful day.”

The couple chose an historic downtown loft for their wedding with cabaret style seating for the ceremony. “Not traditional,” Conni says. “My only goal in picking out my wedding ensemble was to find something that complimented Anna’s vision.” That meant no black, gray, navy or silver. And Conni’s self-imposed rule: “I didn’t want anything that sparkled.”

She purchased a dozen dresses online ranging in price from $100 to $800. Ten got returned as soon as Conni tried them on. She brought the two final contenders to the venue and made a wedding day decision. Talk about down to the wire.

Option 1: a multi-colored Donna Morgan maxi dress. It was the favorite going in, but ultimately, Conni says, “I just felt the multi-color print was too distracting because my husband and I were escorting Anna down the aisle.”


She went with Option 2: A tie waist, long sleeve maxi dress in dusty peach—a warm and unexpected hue that matched the bride's springy bouquet and the spirit of the day. She added a multi-strand turquoise necklace for a bright pop of color.  Conni purchased the dress from a website she’d never shopped before: Veiled Collection, which specializes in modest fashions, including abayas and hijabs. There, she happened upon the “Isabella” style with its floor length hemline, relaxed sleeves and hint of spandex for a comfortable fit. 

“I was so comfortable in this dress,” Conni recounts. “There was nothing to adjust, tug at or fuss about. I am my own worst critic, but I felt pleased with my look that day. And when a family member walked up to me and said ‘you are giving me Diane Keaton vibes today,’ I was thrilled!” 

| Photographs by Mariah Brink


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