Amy A. L.: She's Got Your Back

Amy A. L.: She's Got Your Back

Mother of: Lesley
Venue: Machine Shop in Minneapolis
Vibe: Black tie preferred
Dress: BHLDN from Anthropologie

Amy and her daughter Lesley have always loved shopping together, so it was no surprise when Lesley found a mother of the bride dress for her mom—on TikTok.

“She spotted it on TikTok and had to do a bit of searching to see where it was actually available for purchase,” Amy says. They found it on—a blush-hued floor-length A-line. Sleeveless and simple from the front, the dress was a jaw-dropper from the back: low cut with draped material gathered to form a beautiful butterfly-like design, which framed her shoulders, creating a cape effect. Both mother and daughter instantly loved it. There was only one size left, and would you believe: it was Amy’s size. Clearly meant to be.

But like so many cutout dresses that look amazing in photos on flat-chested models, Amy had to figure out what sort of bra to wear with a dress that plunged almost to her waistline.

“Oof…the bra was the biggest dilemma,” says Amy, who tried three different products:

  • The Bridal Bra Bodysuit. Designed like a one-piece swimsuit, the bodysuit is low cut in front and backless with clear, adjustable straps that can be worn several ways. Amy had high hopes, but says the cut out front showed through her dress, which was a deal-breaker.
  • Sticky cups. “I saw an ad on Instagram for sticky cups strong enough to hold and swing a melon!” Amy says. “They should have worked, but didn’t lift evenly on me.”

  • Adhesive bra cover by Nood. They’re well reviewed, but Amy says the stick-ons “kept wrinkling on my skin, which showed through the dress.”

In the end, Amy simply wore pasties for a bit of nip coverage. “That was the worst part of the dress,” she acknowledges. But it was worth it for the overall statement.

Besides, any discomfort was short lived: Amy switched into a hot pink party dress and comfortable shoes after the church ceremony. “I wanted to enjoy the reception.” And she did. The blues band that played at the dinner party was “definitely a highlight,” says Amy. “I heard from so many people that it was the most fun they’d had in a while!”


| Photography by Kira Savage

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